As the historic site at Lacroix Saint Ouen dates back to 1945, Matra Électronique has taken into consideration the directions to be taken in order to establish a sustainable strategy for the development of its industrial tool and to continue to meet all the needs of its current and future customers.

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      In 2016, Matra Électronique noted that the ageing of its infrastructures was also accompanied by a lack of surface area linked to the company's development and the rigidity of its production tools. The analysis to solve this threefold problem was carried out using three scenarios: maintaining the plant in its current state, renovating and extending the current site or building a new one.
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      A sustainable business dynamic

      In keeping with the company's dynamics and with a view to sustainability, the shareholders and the management committee of Matra Électronique opted for the third solution: to build, in a different location from the historic site, a new production tool that is innovative, agile, evolving and adapted to the needs of its customers and employees. As an authorised industrialist in the field of Defence, this new site must meet the requirements in terms of security, industrial defence and data.
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      The future factory also corresponds to a strong social evolution and an innovative working organisation. If until now the structuring of the site has been highly industrial, the perspective now is to focus the working environment on the quality of life at work. Therefore, the definition of the industrial flow was based on a consensus between all the teams. The reflection process was based on seven objectives, by confronting professionals with the reality on the ground.