As part of its industrial transformation, Matra Électronique plans to deploy a robotics logistics solution within his future production site, based in Venette.

    Matra Électronique has as many workshops as the life stages of a high precision electronic product:
    / Electronic boards manufacturing
    / Electronic boards cabling
    / Wire cabling
    / Integration
    / Varnish-potting
    / Tests

    Each of our workshops is supplied with supply kits composed of materials, components and manufactured equipment depending on the maturity of the product. The factory of the future by Matra Électronique will be equipped with AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicles) dedicated to supplying our production workshops. With objectives of optimizing the production flow and increasing productivity, the intelligent autonomous vehicles, labeled HORIZON by our Continuous Improvement and Innovation teams, will be integrated into the future production process of Matra Électronique.

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      Automation at the service of people

      The supply kits, prepared in the logistics zone, are transported as a pull-flow to the production workshops by automated intelligent vehicles. Stations are integrated into our industrial mapping to allow robots to wait until their bins are unloaded. Once empty, they automatically return to the logistics area awaiting a new instruction sent by the fleet management software.

      Thanks to the system of sensors and laser scanners, the AIVs recognizes its environment while moving. In event of a fixed or mobile obstacle, such as a walking person for example, the vehicle bypasses or stops depending on the situation. This innovation makes it possible to automate very arduous tasks and to promote the skills development of our operators in compliance with our Health Safety Environment policy.

      75% of our workforce is dedicated to the production of our customers' equipment.