As part of the construction of its connected factory, Matra Électronique designs its own industrial supervision tool that meets its security requirements.

    The keystone of the factory of future, the industrial supervision is in line with the monitoring and IT steering of automated manufacturing processes. It concerns the acquisition of data (measurements, alarms, management and monitoring) and process control parameters generally performed to programmable logic controllers. It is intended to be modular and scalable.

    100% of our infrastructure will be monitored

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      Management of the industrial tool and control of the infrastructures

      In industry, productivity, rate of return on machines, their availability, the control of KPIs process and the quality of production are all essential issues. The industrial supervision tool aims to optimize all of these indicators.
      In terms of productivity, supervision makes it possible to visualize in real time the operation of an equipment to improve its rate of use. By using the data logging features, we are also strengthening our data analyzes and our quality traceability. As for the monitoring of our resources, it offers better planning of maintenance interventions and, consequently, better availability of production tools.

      The future production site of Matra Électronique, based in Venette near Compiègne, will be equipped with installations allowing the networking of our infrastructures. Control of temperature, humidity, lighting, our connected factory will strengthen our quality and environmental commitments. The interconnection of our resources, processes and infrastructures will offer our customers, as well as our employees, an efficient, innovative and secure industrial environment.