Collaborative engineering or “collaborative management of the product life cycle” allows the various actors in the production chain to share knowledge at each step of the product life cycle (Analysis, Design, Industrialization, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Recycling...). This collaboration must be made possible by tools allowing remote interactions (extended company).

    Since 2019, Matra Électronique has been testing and operating a connected workshop solution, located directly at the heart of our production.

    This digital workshop is made up of several prototyping stations, a camera connected to our secure video system with self-view TV screen, allowing real-time dialogue with our customers and their designers on the equipment or prototyping produced.

    This approach, included in our Factory Of Future roadmap, aims to promote the digitization of our industrial process. Initially designed to facilitate exchanges with customer on quality aspects of our productions, this connected space is now heavily used by our methods, industrialization and design teams to collaborate with agility with customer engineering.

    This POC (Proof of Concept) has been labeled HORIZON by our Continuous Improvement and Innovation teams. It will therefore be implemented in our future production site!

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      82% of companies that have implemented smart manufacturing said they had improved productivity and 49% said they had reduced the number of defects on their products.
      (source : American Society for Quality)